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It is often said that if something is easy to do, it isn’t really worth doing.

Think back over your life. No doubt your most rewarding achievements, the things that really make you feel proud, were all particularly hard-fought experiences. Things like passing your driving test, getting the exam result you really wanted, asking out that special person or nailing a job interview. Those things didn’t come easy. You had to work for them.

The same is true of particular bits of software.

If each software programme could be mastered within a few minutes, then every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world would be an absolute expert and you wouldn’t be able to carve out your niche.

But the fact of the matter is that the best software programmes are the ones that require a little bit of work and a steep learning curve and they will be the programmes that will help you stand out from the crowd.

3D CAD training is one such example. You will be shown how to effectively operate 3D CAD (computer-aided design) systems in a variety of highly specialised and targeted ways, so that 3D software design becomes second nature to you.

There are fourteen available courses, each one designed to give you a good understanding of every aspect of CAD design:

CAD01: Certified SolidWorks Essentials Part and Assembly Modelling Course

CAD02: Certified SolidWorks Essentials Drawing and Detailing Course

CAD03: Certified SolidWorks File Management Course

CAD04: Certified SolidWorks Expert – Advanced Part Modelling and Assembly Modelling Course

CAD05: Certified SolidWorks Sheet Metal and Weldments Course

CAD07: Certified SolidWorks Surface Modelling Course

CAD08: Certified SolidWorks Mould Design Course

CAD09: Certified SolidWorks 2D Schematics, 3D Routing and Cabling

CAD10: Certified SolidWorks Routing – Electrical Cable and Wiring Course

CAD11: Certified SolidWorks Routing – Piping and Tubing Course

CAD12: Certified SolidWorks API Fundamentals Course

CAD13: Certified SolidWorks Productivity Tools Course

CAD14: Certified DraftSight Essentials Course

DRV01: Certified DriveWorks Administrator Essential Course

As you can see, the range and multitude of courses available to you means that with a bit of learning, you could be a CAD expert by the end of the week!

Granted, they won’t come easy. You will need to concentrate, knuckle down, and try hard but the rewards that come with true understanding of CAD design could prove absolutely invaluable.

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Written by Sean Pollock