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How to Remove Redeye Using Photoshop

It is irritating to see a photo taken with utmost care being reduced to nothing because of a red eye because it spoils the glamor and beauty of the photo. The most encouraging thing is that we now have a number of methods we can use to remove the red eye from a photograph. Photoshop has come up with great solutions to this problem.

Photoshop Solutions to Red Eye

It is possible for you to successfully remove red eye using Adobe Photoshop version 7.0 or using any other version that is higher than this. All you need to do is open the photo that has the red eye in this software and the layers window must be visible. However, if visible, it should be activated with the aid of the menu on the windows. You have to enlarge the image to the maximum for the eyes to be completely visible.
Procedure to follow when fixing Red Eye form any Photoshop version.

First, you open the original image and duplicate it on a new window. Then close the original one to avoid losing it.Zoom out the window with the duplicated image to clearly see the eyes. Come up a new layer and pick the color of the iris using an eyedropper.

Paint it carefully over the red portion of the eye.

Select Filters then Blur and finally Gaussian, give it a value of one pixel blur so as to soften its edges.Set the blend mode of the layer to saturation. It will get rid of the red color without the highlights. In most cases, it makes the eye to appear hollow and too grey. If this is the case, change the mode of blending to hue and duplicate the saturated layer. This puts in some more color but still preserves the highlights.

In addition, the process of removing the red eye is quicker with Photoshop CS2, CS3, or CS4. These versions have the red eye tools. You need to select this tool from the toolbox and drag a rectangle that will envelop the pupil completely. Now with the help of the color replacement tools, you paint over the pupil manually. To do so u will use a brush that is a third the diameter of the pupil.

The sponge tool found in the Dodge and Burn tools can also be used. Though not frequently used, it is equally effective. At the options bar, this tool must be set to reduce the saturate and the flow should be at a hundred percent. The tool is dragged in a small circle and positioned on the pupil where its desaturating effect removes the red coloring from the pupil, and then the burn tool is used to make the pupil darker.

Some Useful Tips

If there is need to make the pupil any darker, apply the burn tool. It only takes a few taps for this tool to darken that pupil.

Glaring Red Eye

English: Glaring Red Eye (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Use the eraser to clean any over-spray of paint outside the iris before you merge the ED layers.
If the edited image becomes too dark, you reduce the dullness of the duplicate layer.

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