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Technology teachings: design software we love

It is often said that if something is easy to do, it isn't really worth doing. Think back over your life. No doubt your most rewarding achievements, the things that really make you feel proud, were all particularly hard-fought experiences. Things like passing your driving test, getting the exam result you really wanted, asking out that special person or nailing a job interview. Those things didn't come easy. You had to work for them. The same is true of particular bits of software. If each software Read more [...]Google+Read More

5 Easy Ways to Customize a WordPress Theme

How-to-Setup-a-Wordpress-Blog-in-5-Minutes Whether you're starting a blog on WordPress as a way to keep your family and friends informed of what you're doing, you want to share your opinions with the world and meet like-minded people across the globe, or you'd like to add value to your business website by providing customers with the updated content you can offer via a blog (while increasing your ability to practice SEO), you'll find that there are plenty of options to help you kick off your blog right. And once you've got a basic idea in Read more [...]Google+Read More