5 Photoshop Touchup Tips

Most cameras today are so highly magnified that they capture every blemish in our skin. However, thanks to Photoshop, you can now edit your photos and make them look perfect.

Consider the following 5 Photoshop touchup tips to fix all errors in your photos. This guide will help you navigate on Photoshop and touchup your photos so that they come off looking more professional:

1. Remove Moles

Sophie.........Adobe Photoshop CS3

Sophie………Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Photo credit: justDONQUE.images)

You can use the content- aware feature on Photoshop CS5 to reconstruct all the spots on your photos using image parts from the whole canvas. This feature is also useful in fixing skylines, deleting trees and removing blemishes from photos.

  • Select the ‘Spot Healing Brush’ tool
  • Turn on content- aware
  • Change the size of the brush until it fully covers the blemish
  • Click on the blemish to eliminate it
  • If content- aware messes up, repeat the process or use any of the following techniques

Photoshop is ingenious in the sense that you can use it to sample the spot with one approaching it in terms of color, instead of reconstructing it. If the result looks faded, you can also change the mode from ‘Normal’ to ‘Replace’ and try again.

2. Fix Overshadowed Parts

Sometimes, images are overshadowed in part. This is especially so when you take photos in heavy sun. The shadows can obscure such important details as the tinkle in your eye or a smile. Remove this using the following procedure

  • Go to Image then to Adjustments and click on Levels
  • The Levels mark the distribution of highlights and shades across the image. You can use it to master shades
  • The left slider controls the dark shades while the right slider controls brighter highlights
  • To remove the shadows, limit dark areas and add light
  • Pull the slider in the middle to the left (the amount of movement will depend on your image)
  • If the levels create a dark or faded image, go back to Image then to Adjustments and Brightness/ Contrast. Slide the Contrast mover to the right a bit.

3. Fix Discoloring

If your skin tone looks discolored, it may screw up some photos. In this case, follow the procedure below:

  • Long- press the Brush Tool to choose the ‘Color Replacement Tool’
  • Set the mode to ‘Saturation’ (this is the intensity of the color)
  • The brush changes your picture’s saturation to the selected color. The rest of the image remains intact
  • Play with the colors for sometime
  • Using the Color Replacement Tool, set mode to ‘color’. Select the most predominant colors around your face and paint it over the discolored area

4. Edit Landscapes

You can make landscapes look even cooler on your photos using the process below:

  • Use the ‘Vibrance’ tool to spruce up the greens and blues
  • Adjust exposure so that your backdrop looks darker or brighter
  • If the backdrop looks dreary and dark, boost the contrast
  • You should also edit the saturation to about 25 percent so that the landscape looks sunnier.
  • Edit the Contrast and Saturation until your image looks perfect

5. Get a Six- Pack

You can also use Photoshop to ensure that your belly looks better through the following steps:

  • Darken the image by adjusting its ‘contrast’. This will add muscle definition and help hide fat
  • You can also crop the lower part of your body such that only your bust area is seen

Finally, note that Photoshop is an amazing tool to use in editing your photos. With the 5 Photoshop touchup tips described above, you will start getting more likes and shares on any of the photos you edit and post online.

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Written by Sean Pollock

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