The group presently resides at and is scheduled to move to a private server which will provide additional benefits for members and their businesses.

To date… Photoshop-Haven enjoys an active membership of almost 7,000 members — and grows daily. 

One might search for Photoshop-Haven under one of the following topics:

  • Adobe Photoshop Community
  • Adobe Photoshop Discussion List
  • Adobe Photoshop Discussion Group
  • Adobe Photoshop Online Discussion Group
  • Adobe Photoshop Online Help Community
  • Adobe Photoshop Self-help Community
  • Adobe Photoshop Support Community
  • Adobe Photoshop Support Discussion Group
  • Adobe Photoshop Support Discussion List
  • Adobe Photoshop User Group
  • Adobe Photoshop Users Helping Users

Members do not have to use the program professionally in order to retain membership. Whether you:

  • are just learning Adobe Photoshop
  • use Adobe Photoshop for fun
  • use Adobe Photoshop for business
  • are a Seasoned Professional wanting to give back to the Internet community, or
  • are just interested in learning the differences between Adobe Photoshop and other graphic programs

you are welcome and encouraged to join Photoshop-Haven. After all… We were all novices at one time or another, and still are when we learn new features and concepts!

Photoshop-Haven caters to the discussion of Adobe Photoshop, it’s plugins, and all aspects of digital design, photography, image creation, image protection and copyright infringement and any other subject directly related.

The group brings the novice and professional together — in a friendly learning environment — to share ideas, resources, become more proficient, reach their highest potential and fulfill their creative — graphic design — dreams.

Roz Fruchtman says: “I am continually learning… Art can be found anyplace, anytime, and under the most peculiar circumstances!  I have seen the ugliest photographic image(s) turn into magnificent original works of art — using the proper plugin filters and/or a little imagination!”  On the other hand, whose to say which plugin is proper or not! To quote an old cliche “Art is in the eye of the beholder!” The more I design the more I believe this.

Photoshop-Haven’s membership includes professional photographers as well as the novice and/or hobbyist, digital and graphic artists, illustrators, web designers/developers, consultants, scrap bookers, etc. After discovering my own flair for digital design late in life… I have come to believe… Absolutely everyone has artistic abilities, therefore, Photoshop-Haven’s virtual doors are open to embrace and welcome all!

As in life… The only limits in designing are “those limits we place upon ourselves!”

JOIN US… We “will” grow together — in art, creativity and ideas.

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