Photoshop Fast Track for Newbies

Photoshop Fast Track for Newbies – Is A Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Training That Shows You Photoshop-Conquering Shortcut Secrets… In 2 Hours, And Without Any Headaches!

No more spending hours and hours reading boring books or falling asleep through a 10+ hour DVD course costing $300+ (aimed at advanced professionals), when all you want to know are the shortcuts.

This is an easy to use training program designed specifically for the newbie just like you, on how to use the most common tasks in Photoshop, which includes shortcuts the professionals use!

Here’s Why This is The Best Newbie Photoshop Training Money Can Buy.

* I assume, (like me when I started), you know very little about Photoshop, so I’ve made sure to walk you through every button, every action, every move of the mouse… so that there is absolutely no way that you can get lost and not know what to do to create great graphics.

* Unlike DVD’s or Manuals, Photoshop Fast Track is interactive. You get to watch what I am doing… and most importantly you get to follow along and work with me step-by-step on your own computer. This is vital to help you actually “learn by doing” (and shortens the learning curve by 78% vs. other methods of learning.)

* I made every effort to make this training fun. If you are having fun and making progress then you are going to stick with it – unlike a boring manual.

* You have the ability to pause, rewind and re-watch the videos anytime. This gives you total control over your learning process so you can learn at YOUR own pace… and never feel overwhelmed.

What Exactly Will I Learn?

By simply sitting back and watching these videos you learn:

* How to transform old photos just like new in just a few simple steps – it’s much easier than you think! (In fact we’ll give you a shortcut which will allow you how to transform photographs you thought were “beyond repair”).

* How to easily change the appearance of any photograph or image, and apply cool special effects… effortlessly! (Like how to “flip”, add shadows, crop and so on, so forth)

* Discover Photoshops BIG secret – layers. As soon as you master these, you’ll be able to manipulate your images with ease, and make changes or test new effects in a snap.

* How to retouch and improve any photograph – easily.

* How to merge two (or more) photos together seamlessly – like the top magazines and newspapers do!

* How to “frame” a photo so that it looks like a professional fashion photographer took it. (This is so easy when you know how!)

* How to save your images in all the different formats – and which format is best for the Web (where you need “optimized” images that load quickly).

* How to use the “Crop” feature so you can quickly and easily trim a photo or “cut out” any part of an image you don’t want to appear.

The above represents just a small sample of what you’ll learn with the Photoshop Fast Track for Newbies video tutorials.

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