The difficult decision about the choice of a wedding photographer

In the is just by to make the difficult decision about the choice of a wedding photographer.

After the election of location is the choice of wedding photographer for many couples at the top of the list of the main actors. Obviously, there is a good reason for that. After the bridal waltz are danced, the cake is eaten and the guests gone home, it is the photographs that should remind you, your children and your grandchildren about that day where you decided to say yes to each other.

In the is just by to make the difficult decision about the choice of a wedding photographer.

If you need to have your wedding dress for pre-shooting

If you need to have your wedding dress for pre-shooting, you can always schedule to get it a few days before the wedding. It can be wonderful to experiment with colors, so you can check best go-to color palettes for 2018 in advance, so if there’s need for change for the big day – you can do it on time!

Important to find the right wedding photographer

Therefore, it is important to find the right wedding photographer. I can’t make a decision for you, but would still like to give a few cues on the road.Is probably the most important thing: I must like the style of photography which the photographer stands for.

I assume that In the country here on the page, because the images on my website speak to you, and because you can imagine to be able to show similar wedding photos to your family and friends after your wedding.

The photographic style

The photographic style is all about how images are framed, how light is used, and how your wedding photographer to act in the moment. It is not safe In can accurately put into words what you like, but after you’ve been around on different websites have probably already have a pretty good idea about what works for you and what it is looking for.

Even if your wedding is planned…

Even if your wedding is planned down to the smallest detail, it is a day filled with surprises, and with excitement and nerves that sits outside on the clothes. In need of a photographer who is a problem solver and as cool, calm and collected follows you on the day. One that no matter what the day brings, can be like a fish In water, and be present in the moment in order to find the right angles, the right light, and the absolutely true expression of you and your guests.

I have for the last 8 years photographed more than 150 weddings

I have for the last 8 years photographed more than 150 weddings. Weddings photographed in rain, in the heatwave, weddings entirely without guests and weddings with several hundred. Weddings in castles, in lighthouses, on both (ok, boat, it’s only happened once:-)), churches, town halls and village halls.

I have been to so many weddings, that I know exactly how the priest is moving in the church during a ceremony and when there most likely comes a tear from the bride’s mother or mother-in-law. I predict, and is ready with the camera when the important moments occurs.

Before and during the wedding

I have hundreds of things to think about before and during the wedding. In need of reassurance and certainty about that, just very what happens, get beautiful images of your wedding. May appear in to the prices on the website are in the top? In the may be asking yourself about why do I need so much money for a single day’s work? It is quite relevant questions.

The presence on your wedding day

The presence on your wedding day is only part of the job with your wedding. Before the wedding there is communication with you via telephone and email and often, also, a opening exercises. On the day itself, there are shuttle service, the wedding with you (typically between 10 and 12 hours) and then transport home again.

As soon as I’m home will the pictures stored on hard drives with 2 copies as a back-up. In the days after your wedding starts, the images must be sorted and will be continued – one hour of photography typically requires one hour of finishing. To make sure that your images are perfect, IS a lot of work, and it is I have to take the me paid. Otherwise, my business is not to survive in the long run. You can read more about prices for wedding photography in this post.

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