The group presently resides at and is scheduled to move to a private server which will provide additional benefits for members and their businesses.

To date… Photoshop-Haven enjoys an active membership of almost 7,000 members — and grows daily. 

One might search for Photoshop-Haven under one of the following topics:

  • Adobe Photoshop Community
  • Adobe Photoshop Discussion List
  • Adobe Photoshop Discussion Group
  • Adobe Photoshop Online Discussion Group
  • Adobe Photoshop Online Help Community
  • Adobe Photoshop Self-help Community
  • Adobe Photoshop Support Community
  • Adobe Photoshop Support Discussion Group
  • Adobe Photoshop Support Discussion List
  • Adobe Photoshop User Group
  • Adobe Photoshop Users Helping Users

Members do not have to use the program professionally in order to retain membership. Whether you:

  • are just learning Adobe Photoshop
  • use Adobe Photoshop for fun
  • use Adobe Photoshop for business
  • are a Seasoned Professional wanting to give back to the Internet community, or
  • are just interested in learning the differences between Adobe Photoshop and other graphic programs

you are welcome and encouraged to join Photoshop-Haven. After all… We were all novices at one time or another, and still are when we learn new features and concepts!

Photoshop-Haven caters to the discussion of Adobe Photoshop, it’s plugins, and all aspects of digital design, photography, image creation, image protection and copyright infringement and any other subject directly related.

The group brings the novice and professional together — in a friendly learning environment — to share ideas, resources, become more proficient, reach their highest potential and fulfill their creative — graphic design — dreams.

Roz Fruchtman says: “I am continually learning… Art can be found anyplace, anytime, and under the most peculiar circumstances!  I have seen the ugliest photographic image(s) turn into magnificent original works of art — using the proper plugin filters and/or a little imagination!”  On the other hand, whose to say which plugin is proper or not! To quote an old cliche “Art is in the eye of the beholder!” The more I design the more I believe this.

Photoshop-Haven’s membership includes professional photographers as well as the novice and/or hobbyist, digital and graphic artists, illustrators, web designers/developers, consultants, scrap bookers, etc. After discovering my own flair for digital design late in life… I have come to believe… Absolutely everyone has artistic abilities, therefore, Photoshop-Haven’s virtual doors are open to embrace and welcome all!

As in life… The only limits in designing are “those limits we place upon ourselves!”

JOIN US… We “will” grow together — in art, creativity and ideas.

Adobe Photoshop can be a complex tool

Adobe Photoshop can be a complex tool

Adobe Photoshop can be a complex tool

Adobe Photoshop can be a complex tool only because you can do so much with it, however for in this video series, we’re going to keep it as simple as possible. In fact, in this video you’ll see an overview of the few tools and Adobe Photoshop features we will use. When you see this video, you’ll see how you can do so much with so few features, but you’ll learn how to use them in depth in the future videos.

When you create your own minisites, you’ll need to have access to professional photography to make your designs look great for whatever subject matter. Well, in this video, you’ll learn the importance of using Royalty free images and how you can find them to fulfill your needs.

The Adobe Photoshop lasso and crop tools are the tools that you’ll use to take people and objects out of regular pictures and put into your minisite designs. I’m sure you’ve seen headers with people or objects in them right? We’ll that’s where the lasso tool and crop tools come into play. So you’ll learn what they can do for you, but most importantly how to use them correctly.

Layers are the big secret to making photos come to life. In Photoshop you can take several photos and merge them together to make it looks like it’s one picture. At the same time, layers will make your life as a minisite creator so much easier, you’ll save lots of time. In this video, you’ll learn how to use layers to your advantage.

Do you remember looking at a picture and saying to yourself, nice picture, it’s looks right. Or maybe you thought, “that picture doesn’t look right”. We’ll this is when balancing your designs comes into play. If you learn how to balance your headers, footers, ecovers, and more correctly you’ll learn how to make your minisites look right when people look at them.

Here’s the fun part. You were shown videos 1-5 for a reason, that is, to help you understand the basic fundamental concepts before you got started creating the actual designs. The best part, is that you can take videos 1-5 and apply them to other things besides just minisites! So with that said in this video, you’ll learn how to create a professional minisite header using the tools Adobe Photoshop and what you learned earlier.

Just as it says, you’ll learn how to take the header you designed in the previous video and create an ebook or dvd ecover. You see, creating the header first allows you to understand how to easily transfer the designs to the ecover and balance it out.

Lastly, you’ll learn how to create the final touches of the minisite, which is the background and the footer. These two are very easy to create, because you can use your learning experience from videos 6 and 7 to transfer those ideas to video 8.

By now, you’ve probably realized that when people say Web 2.0 graphics, what they mean is new style or new look graphics are being given. Well, long long ago, text logos looked bland and normally were made up one purely one color, no gradients and no shiny look. In this video, you’ll learn how to give your text logos a cool shiny gradient look, as well as a reflection. This is something many designers create nowadays.

With ‘Photoshop Master Tutorials’ You Will Learn..

How You Can Create Your Own Professional eCover In Less Than An Hour! – All you need is Adobe Photoshop program installed in your PC. You don’t need to engage a graphics designer or even use any external plug-ins or third party software in the process yet I show you how you can still have your own quality eCover designed to look as expensive and exotic as possible – whether your product is selling for $7 or $1497!

The Secrets To Creating A Realistic eCover! – This manual is not about those that you already know so well. No, the techniques have nothing to do with the usual effects one would apply when creating an eCover in Photoshop environment such as Distortions and Free Transformation.

What Most eCover Designers Don’t Know! – Because this is what will part you from the rest of the crowd and can very well be responsible for making you the next expert graphic designer!

The Inner Secret Techniques – Which will place you years ahead of other graphic designers who charge $97 for an eCover and put them to shame.

Photoshop Master Tutorials Will Put An End To Wasted Time And Spending!..

NO More Spending hiring an expensive graphic designer! Save your money which can be best spent on something else!

NO More Spending buying an eCover Creating Software! The Photoshop Master Tutorials are fun and easy to follow that anyone can understand. No need to crack your head in a few different places in the process!

NO More Wasted Time And Energy! Because all the fillers and hot air has been filtered, you get only all the essential information needed to create your own eCovers in Photoshop environment alone!

After Reading And Applying These Tutorials You Will Find That..

Your products become easier to sell.. quite simply because your graphics will do all the ‘talking’ for you!

Your price starts to seem minute in comparison to what you’re selling.. that’s because you now know how to create huge package images that look like you’re giving so much value for the price you’re asking!

You can start increasing your pricing.. simply because the perceived value of your product has just gone up!

You start to attract more affiliates to sell your product than you could have ever imagined.. because affiliates like promoting products that covert so that they can profit from it years from now!

Your sales page dramatically improves with the graphics makeover.. which invites your customers to read what’s on the sales page to improve your conversions.

You have the ability to profit from ANY resell rights product.. you’ll never suffer from marketing the same resell rights product in the same way as another marketer because you’re smart and you’ve now got the ability to transform ANY product!

You can use this skill to capture more leads and build a mailing list.. by applying design layout, eCover graphics and mini-site design techniques you’re in control of what your visitor should do when they land on your squeeze page which means more sign up for YOU!

..I could go on forever about the difference that good graphics and design makes but I’m sure you’re already aware!

And because I am so confident that you will be cranking out your own mini sites with little sweat after watching my video tutorials, I am even staking my reputation on it with my solid, iron-clad 60 day money back guarantee.


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Photoshop Tutorial-How to Use Action

Photoshop Tutorial-How to Use Action

Photoshop Tutorial-How to Use Action

Photoshop Tutorial-How to Use Action – This is a Photoshop tutorial about how we use Action. Action is a series of steps that we do on image that recorded by Photoshop. By default Photoshop is already come with some Action. We can make our own action too, but this will be posted in later post. Now I am writing about how to use the action first to make it easier to understand before we make action of our own image editing steps.

First we need to open the Action Panel. Action Panel can be open by select Window > Action on Photoshop menu bar. And then open any image we need to use along with the action.

Sometimes an action can only be applied to specific image condition, such a determined size, or the image need to have a selection first, and so on. Like in this Photoshop tutorial, because the Wood Frame action can only be applied on a large image, so there is a warning dialog to make us sure that the image meet the requirement.

5 Easy Ways to Customize a WordPress Theme

Whether you’re starting a blog on WordPress

Whether you’re starting a blog on WordPress as a way to keep your family and friends informed of what you’re doing, you want to share your opinions with the world and meet like-minded people across the globe, or you’d like to add value to your business website by providing customers with the updated content you can offer via a blog (while increasing your ability to practice SEO), you’ll find that there are plenty of options to help you kick off your blog right.

And once you’ve got a basic idea

And once you’ve got a basic idea in place for content, as well as a plan for archiving and updating, you might want to start thinking about the layout and the finishing touches. Although WordPress offers a slew of ready-made themes to choose from, many bloggers are interested in the prospect of customization to ensure that they’re online offerings stand out from the herd. So here are just a few easy ways to go about customizing whichever WordPress theme you choose as a springboard for you blog design.

  1. Use branded content. Perhaps the best way for businesses to customize their WordPress blog is by adding branded content, including their company name and logo on the header, as well as graphics, approved text, and even colors that match their other branded materials (online and in print). This will help you to stand out from the crowd and it will make your blog recognizable to anyone that is already familiar with your brand. As for bloggers that aren’t incorporated, there’s no reason not to start developing your personal brand via your blog.
  2. Change the layout. Whether your theme offers direct customization or you need to go into template files in order to edit the layout, making changes to headers, footers, sidebars, and so on can help you to create the custom blog space you have in mind. Even small changes like this can help to differentiate your WordPress blog from others with the same theme.
  3. Alter fonts and colors. You may choose a theme based on certain elements, such as the layout, with the idea of changing the fonts and colors so that they’re more in keeping with your brand, your niche, or your personal taste. This is just one more way to get the aesthetic you want for your blog.
  4. Add plugins. You might be surprised by how many plugins are compatible with WordPress. In fact, they have an official directory ( to help you choose the ones that are right for your site. They currently offer more than 27,000.
  5. Create your own graphics. Rather than using clip art provided by WordPress or other sites, consider getting crafty and creating your own buttons, bars, photos, and an entire infographic world to post on your blog. The more custom content you create, not just textual, but graphic, as well, the better chance you have to design a truly unique experience for visitors. Although you may have chosen WordPress for your blog building experience because it is easy to get started, mainly thanks to ready-made templates and themes, you will certainly pick up the knowledge and skills needed to customize your blog over time if you make an effort to learn (and there are plenty of tutorials out there to guide you). Before long you’ll be able to implement all of the customization you want.